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GJYXFCH Indoor Fiber Optical Cable

Open Details in New Window [Mar 01, 2021]

FTTH Cable Product Applications: The cable is suitable for interconnection between instruments and communication equipment. Characteristics: Light weight , small diameter and low Construction Cost; Optical cable ...

Company: Oufu Cable Co., Ltd


Sweet Almond Oil

Open Details in New Window [Jan 21, 2021]

Product Description The main constituents of sweet almond oil are oleic acid and linoleic acid, the total content of them is about 95%. Almond oil contains the eight amino acid, vitamin VA1, VB2, VB5, VC, VE and trace ...

Company: Jilin Baili Biotechnology Co., Ltd


Tricholoma Matsutake Truffle Ganoderma Mushroom

Open Details in New Window [Jan 12, 2021]

Matsutake has high reputation in Japan and South Korea, it has always been admitted as treasure in the edible mushroom family, and been called as "King of Mushroom". It has strong fragrance, stout body, delicate flesh, ...

Company: Ji'an Meidi Manor Wine Co., Ltd


X17 Front and Rear Dual Camera Children's Smart Watch 4G Full Netcom GPS Sos Call Children's Voice ...

Open Details in New Window [Oct 30, 2020]

Brand: Baidroid Model: X17 Touch screen: Yes Battery capacity: 400mAh Screen size: 1.44IPS HD screen Product size: 52.6*42.1*15.3mm Product weight: 43g Applicable people: Children Applicable platform: Fully ...

Company: Changchun Baidroid Photoelectric Co., Ltd.


Seven Breathing Mode Portable Anesthesia Machine

Open Details in New Window [Oct 29, 2020]

Seven Breathing Mode Portable Anesthesia Machine Product description: Anesthesia Machine, with its ergonomic design, integrates a concise and smooth structure and high mobility, The microcomputer controlled ...

Company: Changchun Biosen Science and Trade Co., Ltd. (China)


Molten Sulphur Pumps

Open Details in New Window [Oct 08, 2020]

1. The outlet pipe of the pump and the steel pipe passing through the pump shaft are close together, integrated into a large heat tracing sleeve, integrally welded, steam tracing, and liquid sulfur from the pump inlet ...

Company: Jilin Black Rock Import & Export Co., Ltd


Remy V-Tip Hair Extensions

Open Details in New Window [Jan 05, 2018]

We are a professional hair extensions manufacture, we have over 10 years experience, so we can provide the best quality weft. Why choose Remylocks hair extensions? 1. Silky, smooth texture(Just like your own hair, ...

Company: Jilin Province Faxin Trading Co., Ltd

Tags: Virgin Weft Hair Extensions | Salon Hair Extensions | Indian Style Hair Extensions


Bk7 or Fused Silica Double-Concave Lens

Open Details in New Window [Feb 21, 2018]

Double-concave lens is compose of two concave surface, has a negative focal length. Double-concave lens is best use when the input beam is converging, It is used in beam expanders, projection optics system, optical ...

Company: Changchun Ji Xiang Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Tags: Speed Lens | Sapphire Lens | Concave Spherical Lens


Sinodentex Universal Dental Composite Nanohybrid

Open Details in New Window [Jul 25, 2017]

INDICATION FOR USE: Direct restoration for all class caries. Restoration of teeth defect and veneer. REFILL: 4g/Syringe COLOR: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, C2, C3, OA2, OA3 Enamel: EA2, EA3, OB1 ...

Company: Sino Dentex Company

Tags: Composite Marble | All Purpose Storage Box | Granite Composite


Urine Diagnostic Test Strips Parameters 1-12

Open Details in New Window [Oct 12, 2017]

Urine Test Strip is one kind of dignostic products to analysis urine. Now it is used widely. The data shows your health programm. Also urine test strips tests for Protein, Ketone, Glucose, Specific Gravity, Blood, ...

Company: Changchun Better Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Tags: Analyzer Test Strip | Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer | Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer


Pure Natural Top Red Garnet Necklace Female Jewellry

Open Details in New Window [Sep 08, 2017]

Using the natural top olivine carefully polished, the top of the main stone for a round 6 * 6mm top red garnet, the bottom of the main stone for the four 5 * 5m drop-shaped garnet, a 8 * 10 drops of garnet. Chain for ...

Company: Long River Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


Frame and Plate Heat Exchanger

Open Details in New Window [Jul 13, 2017]

Welded PHE can be applied to a variety of medium, not only has the advantages of gasketed type PHE, high efficiency, compact structure, light weight, but also can withstand high temperature, high pressure, good sealing ...

Company: Siping Juyuan Hanyang Plate Heat Exchangers Co., Ltd.

Tags: Water Oil Heat Exchanger | Water Cooled Heat Exchanger | Pure Water Treatment Plant


Decoration Feather Bird

Open Details in New Window [Jul 11, 2017]

Professional handmade manufacturer Years of exporting experience Lowest prices No MOQ requirement Any size available Any color available OEM/ODM accepted Contact me for more products photos.

Company: Sino Artcraft Co., Ltd

Tags: Cock Feather | Feather Clothes | Party Feather Mask


Double Drawn Prebonded U Tip Hair Extension Russian Hair 0.5 G Strands with Good Quality

Open Details in New Window [Nov 14, 2017]

* Exquisite Weave: Reinforcement double weft. Tight & Neat without any sheeding after wash. * Health & Thick End: No slips. No dry. Stay healthy after color treatment. * Healthiest Cuticles Hold: Bouncy & Shinny ...

Company: Remylocks. Co. Ltd.

Tags: Hair Extension Ponytail | Pre Tip Hair Extension | Hair Extension Micro Ring


New Digital Technology Merydi Urine Analyzer W - 600

Open Details in New Window [May 26, 2017]

General Introduction for W-600 Urine Analyzer W-600 urine analyzer is a high performance, multi-function medical inspection instruments after W-200 series urine analyzer. Adopting the advanced "High luminosity cold ...

Company: Changchun Merydi Bio-Tech Co., Ltd

Tags: Radio Equipment | Plant Equipment | Equipment Part


Spring Black Fungus

Open Details in New Window [May 25, 2017]

Black fungus is a kind of very high nutritional value edible fungi. Texture is colloid and transparent, elastic, delicious taste and rich nutrition. Spring black fungus is thinner than autumn black fungus. Edible ...

Company: Huadian City Jiumusheng Fungus Industry Co., Ltd

Tags: Golden Fungus | Black Fungus Strips | High Quality Gift Watch


Wholesale China Manufacturer Cold Pressed Bulk Pure Hemp Seed Oil

Open Details in New Window [Feb 09, 2018]

Appication: Improving brain development Metabolism system Good for immune system and joints Hemp seed oil is pressed from the seed of the hemp planted in organic farms. Cold pressed, unrefined hemp oil is dark to ...

Company: Jilin Baili Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Tags: Organic Flax Seed Oil | Almond Seed Oil | Oil Seed Machines


Metal Coating Mirror for Sale/Optical Glass/Optics

Open Details in New Window [May 12, 2017]

We are Qianhao Optics Co., Ltd factory located in China . We have been manufacturing a variety of optical components on various kinds of optical instruments for 15 years. Optical components: such as lens, ...

Company: Qianhao Changchun Optics Co., Ltd

Tags: Optical Measurement Instrument | Optical Fiber Instrument | Fiber Optical Cable Machinery


Optical Dielectric Mirrors, Optical Metallic Mirrors, High Reflective Optical Mirrors

Open Details in New Window [May 11, 2017]

optical dielectric mirrors, optical metallic mirrors, high reflective optical mirrors We offer standard and high precision optical dielectric mirrors, rectangular and custom shape and size with different optical ...

Company: Changchun Qianhao Photoelectric Co., Ltd

Tags: Mirrors Handcrafted | Optical Metal Mirrors | High Quality Optical Frame


Small 40mmx40mm Linear Encoder 0-500mm Range Digital 0.01mm Resolution

Open Details in New Window [Jul 26, 2017]

Feature: Roundss RLC40D draw wire sensor linear movements using a highly flexible steel cable. The cable drum is attached to a sensor element which provides a proportional output signal. Measurements are ...

Company: Changchun Rongde Optics Co., Ltd

Tags: Card Encoder | Receiver Encoder | Rotary Encoder Couplings